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Fishhead Factory
a place to get chummy
It's been a while, but in all honesty this is temporary until I can get TUMBLR figured out. Should be back in the podcasting game soon. Not even sure if people still even use LJ but I might be back for a while.
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It was good while it lasted. I loved it and you all, but as much joy as i found here on LJ I also found life's heartbreak. There really isnt anything for me here anymore. I just cant find it in me to post things here. If you want to follow me just find me at facebook. Just look for Jose Bermudez in Savoy Illinois. I'll add you. Goodbye for now.
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Bestow great attention on the Spanish language, and endeavor to
acquire an accurate knowledge of it. Our future connections with Spain
and Spanish America will render that language a valuable acquisition.
The ancient history of a great part of America, too, is written in that
-- Tho. Jefferson

You can't erase the cultural precedents before the expansion. Manifest destiny does not erase what was there before it. Many people don't even know that when California became a state its constitution was written both in Spanish and English. The presence of Spanish in this country is as important as Cherokee, Apache, etc, because much of American culture ties into Spanish America. We can no sooner eradicate the language than the Germans could eradicate French from Alsace-Lorraine.

And this has nothing do with people not learning english so don't be that dipshit who thinks they're going to come back with a clever comment. It'll be predictable but my reply won't :)
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Not unlike a few close personal friends I became an ordained minister in the Universal Life Church last week. And YES, I will officiate for same sex couples as well even if Illinois does not recognize the bond. I'm researching how to write the perfect ceremony. I do take this seriously. Except I will insist on being addressed as Pontifex Josephus Optimus Prime I when I am dressed in ceremonial cassock.
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Is this thing on? heh.
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Apparently my last post was completely distorted by the person it was intended for. Reading the comments there are pretty hilarious.

Setting the record straight. I was deleted with a rather long and ridiculous need to justify it. A justification that rambled on in bombast and banality. Honestly, I'm ok with it, but I'm not cool with this b.s. that somehow this was done because I started something or that my comment proves what kind of person I am. I maintain my integrity. I didn't meet her "criteria". Fair enough, but the reasons are her hangups not mine.

I stand by what I said. EVERY SINGLE WORD.
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Please kick my ass if I friend a complete flake ever again.

Not naming names because I am not about anyone harassing this person.

All I'll do is leave a quote from his/her last post.

"I want you to know that you’ve contributed an awful lot to my life in terms of knowledge and wisdom. " Please don't credit me for your nuttiness.

Whatever. get over yourself.
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Viva Mexico hijos de la chingada!!!!!
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So funny.
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